FIRST AIRED: July 16, 2016

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>> A glorious Saturday of southern French sunshine. But unavoidable signs of the carnage that tore through these streets on Thursday night. At least 84 people were killed as a heavy truck plowed into revelers in
] on Bastille Day.>> I'm Reuters reporter Mia Rakes outside the the specialist pediatric hospital, where staff, doctors, nurses, and surgeons got the emergency response call at about 11 o'clock at night.
Up until about half past 4 in the morning, 30 children were admitted to this hospital. And I've been told that staff here had run drills in recent months to practice what they would need to do should something like this happen. Five teenagers have now been dismissed. But there are still five children who are in critical condition.
And one eight year old who has yet to be identified. I've also been told of one man whose wife was killed in the attacks who has been coming to the hospitals trying to find his child.>> Stephanie Simpson was watching the fireworks with her children when she was rushed into work.
>> Everybody knew exactly what they had to do. So, the surgeon arrived, the operation rooms open. We did the work like robots maybe, but we were all very focused.>> The hospitals also offering psychological support and counseling.>> It's just the people that experienced the seeing, the people that you saw, what happened that, even people that didn't see but lost a family member.
>> Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack. It's the third of this kind to target France since the start of 2015. The country's state of emergency will now continue for three more months. But given the repeated extensions, many questioning whether that will really make any difference.