FIRST AIRED: July 9, 2016

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>> The worst mass attack on the nation's police since 9/11 at a Dallas protest, already reshaping the 2016 race for the White House. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington where the killing of five police officers by a gunman during an otherwise peaceful Black Lives Matter rally quickly bringing the campaigns to a screeching halt.
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tweeting out condolences, and scraping plans for campaign rallies in Florida and Pennsylvania.>> A brutal attack at our police force is an attack in our country.>> Clinton opting for a low key event at a Philadelphia church.>> Gun violence is ripping apart people's lives.
>> It's a sign of the sensitivity and political risks surrounding issues of police, gun violence and race. Donald Trump already getting a taste of that. His tweet mourning the slain police and two Black man killed by police in the recent days. Trump referred to those death as senseless.
That provoking blow back on Twitter from people who wondered how Trump could use that word before all of the facts are known, one tweeting, I thought Trump supported law enforcement. Even with the focus on the issue in the wake of Ferguson and the Baltimore riots last year, a new Washington Post study finds the killing of Blacks by police continuing on the rise in 2016.
Neither Trump nor Clinton can afford the underplay their support for police but both also wary of alienating Black and Hispanic voters ahead of the election. And at least for now the tragedy in Dallas is replacing talk of Clinton's email investigation and Trump's questionable antics. All of this is both parties gearing up for their National Conventions in coming weeks.
Republicans who have long expected protests by Black Lives Matter confirming to Reuters that they have stepped up security around their convention site.