FIRST AIRED: July 9, 2016

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>> Read all about it. Well when it comes to Britain's EU referendum, you might think you already have, but probably not this. Here we have hot off the press the first edition of a paper trying to speak to those who want to stay in the EU. I'm Reuters reporter Jacob Greaves, where in particular The New European is hoping to target areas like this in London, Manchester, and Liverpool, those that voted to stay in the EU.
But it will also try to preach to the unconverted, copies destined for stores in Wales, a Leave area.>> I remember when The Independent launched in 1986 and I picked it up and it felt like you were the member of a club. That's the kind of emotion I want to re-establish with the new European.
>> Though The Independent may not be the best example, its print edition recently scrapped, some argue the writing's on the wall for ink in the online age. But as target markets go, this one is large. 48% of the UK voted to remain, though your loyalty comes at a price, two pounds to be exact.
To be honest, I think any newspaper, this wouldn't be worth two quid regardless of the content.>> The weekly pop up paper does concede, it's not looking too long term.>> After week four, every issue will be a referendum on the next. And if people like it, we'll keep doing it.
If the moment passes, then we'll pop back down.>> The country needs to come back together. That's the main argument put forward by mainstream politicians since Britain's EU referendum. Well this print house is banking on the ink not yet being dry on the issue. And that people will identify for some time as the 48%.