FIRST AIRED: March 14, 2019

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the total Rourke is running for president he will announce his bid Thursday then immediately head to Iowa which holds one of the first nominating contests for the twenty twenty race you may not I don't understand how the house and the Senate work the forty seven year old former Texas congressman failed in his bid for the U. S. Senate last November but he's still in the national Democratic Party with his ability to draw hordes of young voters and raise a massive war chest without the support of big dollar political action committees election debates against Texas senator Ted Cruz he brought a personal passion to Democratic Party policies such as immigration reform there is no better people than those of us here in the state Republicans and Democrats independents alike the defining border experience the defining immigrant experience and state to re write our immigration laws in our own image but his defining message was one of national unity in the face of divisive politics we just do not care about the differences between us right now we want all of us Republicans and Democrats independents alike to come together and do something great for this country Aurora could grow up in el Paso and studied at Columbia University in New York he moved back to Texas played bass in a rock band and started a software company in two thousand and five he joined the el Paso city council and seven years later he was elected to the U. S. house of representatives , %HESITATION Rourke's age forty six so some apart among the big name potential and declared democratic candidates Elizabeth Warren is sixty nine Joe Biden is seventy six Bernie Sanders is seventy seven useful Democrats may want someone who more relates to them and perhaps it isn't afraid to speak like that so **** proud of you guys but the Democrats may not just want someone young there's a push from many in the party to elect a woman and a member of a minority and %HESITATION Rourke as seems somewhat adrift since his Senate loss he spoken on campuses and live stream to visit to the dentist and said again and again that he's yet to decide whether to run for president now he's running it's a crowded field in a party that seems to have moved to the left on issues such as universal healthcare %HESITATION Rourke in contrast caucused with centrist Democrats while he served in the US house I'm not big on labels he told reporters in December when asked if he were quote a progressive over could need to persuade Democrats not just of his ideas but they can carry the party to victory over Donald Trump