FIRST AIRED: March 8, 2019

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with anticipation building for the release of Robert Miller's long awaited report when the special counsel will finally weigh in with the results from investigations into president Donald Trump and Russia's interference in the twenty sixteen election a writer's opinion poll on Friday shows that Americans for the most part appear to have already made up their minds about whether or not the president might have committed a crime writers polling editor Chris com we've been asking about obstruction and collusion pretty much sense Robert Miller took over the investigation may twenty seventeen and we found really the public has had the same response every single time we asked roughly about half of the of of US adults think that %HESITATION the trump campaign committed some form of obstruction or collusion about one third feel that he did not and the rest really don't know the responses ran right along party affiliation many democratic leaders have said they are waiting to see the special counsel's report before deciding on whether to push for trump's impeachment but even without the report the Reuters poll found forty eight percent of Americans are already saying the thing trump should be impeached while forty percent say he should not political analysts really say that there are very few things could change public opinion at this point it would really have to be something remarkable something unexpected from the molar investigation that will really move the needle one where the other one example that we have to really look at what the how the public is going to be absorbing all this is really the nineteen nineties with present Oakland remember that he had a special counsel counsel test him and those investigation that ran for years %HESITATION what we saw that as well you know his support really rolls over the course of that investigation we saw , even more popular on the day that he was impeached then on the day that the special counsel was was appointed him improper campaign tactics the other example from modern history when a president found his political life imperiled by an independent counsel was Richard Nixon while Clinton's approval rating rose Nixon's dropped as the Watergate scandal picked up steam and members of his inner circle were convicted Friday's Reuters Ipsos poll found that trump has a forty percent approval rating which is mostly unchanged over the past year