FIRST AIRED: March 8, 2019

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it hardly looks like the results of a successful model recycling scheme in developing countries but that's because even though corporate giants like coca Cola a pumping money into plastics initiatives like this one here in Kenya the voluntary programs don't have legal backing and a few private companies I left to pick up the bill for everyone something they say just isn't sustainable news about %HESITATION three hundred and sixty thousand US dollars to be able to adequately collect and recycle the five thousand nine hundred tons and of course that excludes all other administrative and other fees and remember every year our volume targets it goes up many developing nations don't have organized waste collection it piles up and leaves families to sift through mountains of garbage at landfill such as one that industry let schemes want work unless laws compound manufacturers to take responsibility for the waste they put cheese single use plastic the key topic at next week's global United Nations environmental programme summits a small store in Japanese Munich is trying to prove that groceries can be bought without using plastic packaging products from bread and cheese the pastor and a touch and sold with no residual waste customers can bring jobs bottles %HESITATION cloth bags to take that good time with them this would help convince a glitch that's fifty the main reason is that the production of plastic requires the use of many resources on the resources in this world a limited , we have to learn how to be careful with what we have said that our grandchildren can enjoy what this world has to offer , scientists have shown that microscopic plastic particles produced from tyre abrasion cosmetics and clothing make it into water systems they'll stay there for hundreds of years some environmentalists bad plastic concentrations in water and sediment samples of being underestimated