FIRST AIRED: November 15, 2018

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>> Ambassadors for 15 Western nations have drafted a letter to a senior Chinese official in the western province of Xinjiang seeking an explanation of alleged riots abuses against ethnic
whose the Communist party boss in Xinjiang, China's top official there.>> In August, a UN human rights panel said it had received reports of a million or more weagers being held in what resembled a massive secret internment camp in Xinjiang.
The group of ambassadors led by Canada are seeking a meeting with the top Chinese communist party official in the heavily Muslim province. Reuters Ben Blanchet in Beijing has seen a copy of the letter.>> The letter's quite brief and says simply that the ambassadors who attached their names to the letter that they are very concerned about the report by the Euro Human Rights Body about the situation in Xinjiang.
When it says that they seek an audience with
It wasn't clear if the letter had been sent to Chinese authorities yet, but one diplomatic source tells Reuters, efforts were underway to have more countries sign on. That's despite unease in many Western capitals about pushing Beijing too hard on human rights amid concerns of angering China.>> China has been very, very angry and upset at what it sees as foreign interference from the criticism that mostly western countries have made towards China's policies.
So far the Chinese government has actually been, in the last couple of weeks, really been mounting quite a strong propaganda offensive. Putting their side of the story as to what's going on in Xinjiang.>> China says it is not enforcing arbitrary detention, or political reeducation in Xinjiang, claiming some citizens, guilty of minor offenses, were being sent to vocational centers for employment opportunity.
On Wednesday the foreign ministry said it would be quote problematic if the ambassadors want to go to Xinjiang and pressure the local government and warned them not to interfere in internal affairs.