FIRST AIRED: May 17, 2019

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Australian politicians scramble to shore up undecided voters on Friday it's the last day of an election campaign this ended in mourning for one of the country's political giants former prime minister Bob hold a charismatic leader of the left wing passed away on Thursday aged eighty nine hawks considered one of the strangest most transformative leaders but he's also famous for what all these cool he's larrikin nature moments like this after a stray you won the America's Cup yacht race in nineteen eighty three I tell you what any boss is actually one but not that I got the dye is about , death came just two days before the big vote polls show his center left labor party could once again form government just this week he waded into the political fray by endorsing his potential successor bill shorten labor's victory is no certainty against the incumbent conservatives led by Scott Morrison today but Reuters Tom Westbrook in Sydney says the week's dramatic developments may have changed the nature of the campaign it has certainly frying the campaign into chaos on the day before the election %HESITATION it has upended %HESITATION the the the political scene and I think it really gets virus to costs their minds back %HESITATION back to his era which is a more sort of optimistic time in Australian politics where big ideas and big thinking dominated %HESITATION the die a whole quiz a giant in Australia a giant of history in politics and %HESITATION he he change the country he lowered tariffs C. flooded the doll %HESITATION he he deregulated %HESITATION you know a rule bound economy and lay the framework for the twenty eight years of of growth which is followed he's his time in power meanwhile shorten the Marcin spent Friday on the campaign trail trying to secure their own political future is Marcin the prime minister he spent at in Queensland %HESITATION touring marginal states that he needs to win %HESITATION if he's to retain power shortens Headies plans upended by the death of Bob Hawke says he's been in Sydney today %HESITATION asking voters to %HESITATION to support his agenda which is a which is of reform platform straightens will vote for the next government on Saturday