FIRST AIRED: May 16, 2019

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shin house bill three fourteen passes opposition to Alabama's highly controversial law banning abortion has come from some unlikely voices including top house Republican Kevin McCarthy and televangelist Pat Robertson who this week called the measure extreme saying that Alabama went too far in its near total ban of abortion including for victims of incest and rape they want to challenge roe versus Wade , is that this is not the case we want to bring to the Supreme Court waiters correspondent Dan Trotta his analysis has to do with what's the best way to get row overturned in the Supreme Court and he may have a point in the sense that the Roberts court hasn't shown much willingness to take this issue on they are more likely to go about this piece meal or approach it from other underlying legal principles rather than taking on such an extreme measure like this one that's not the court style is pretty clean up the Roberts court style still getting in front of the High Court is exactly the game plan for Alabama whose governor's signed the bill into law Wednesday the strictest such measure in the nation set to go into effect in six months it bans nearly all abortions and punishes doctors who perform them with prison terms of up to ninety nine years senators and and representatives who voted for know full well that they are violating roe V. Wade and but they want to violate roe V. Wade in order to get the issue before a judge this year sixteen states have pushed strict anti abortion bills the latest being Missouri who Senate on Thursday passed a bill that would outlaw abortions after the eighth week of pregnancy also with no exceptions for rape or incest and jail time for doctors who perform the procedure given its flouting of roe versus Wade the Alabama law is likely to be overturned upon appeal but a conservative judge could rule to keep it in place forcing its opponents to appeal to an even higher court potentially pushing it all the way to the Supreme Court the justices would then have to decide whether to hear the case in his contentious confirmation hearings last September then Supreme Court nominee Brad Cavanaugh attempted to reassure Democrats that roe versus Wade was safe by saying he would honor legal precedent once on the court but on Monday the high court's conservatives overturned a forty year legal precedent in a low profile , I'll sovereign immunity case prompting Chief Justice Steven Briar in a dissent from the court's liberals to ask which court cases the Supreme Court will overrule next