FIRST AIRED: May 30, 2019

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these are rare earth metals they go into everything from iPhones electric cars to fighter jets and satellites what do they have to do with the US China trade war the Pentagon says a lot the US defense department is asking for new federal fines because it wants to reduce its reliance on China's rare earth minerals , Beijing is a major supplier of the goods making up about eighty percent of the U. S. is rare earth imports in the past few years there's worry that Beijing could use that as leverage in the trade war just last week president she's in pain visited one of China's rare earth production plants fueling speculation the sector could become a new front in the dispute but for the US there aren't a lot of alternatives China is home to about thirty seven percent of the world's rare earth reserves rare earths our group of seventeen chemical elements and their essential in military equipment like missiles jet engines and lasers writers gather McGuire has more China has a monopoly on the production side doesn't actually stemmed from the reserves it has in the ground it's actually all about China's processing capacity so once you dig the rare rare us out of the ground they need to be actually refined and processed into usable material does actually quite a few deposits of rats around the world including in the United States but also in Australia and other parts of the world but it takes some time it takes a lot of money to get these things up and running and then there are actually quite a few environmental side effects when you start the process big abundant amounts of %HESITATION **** stuff from the you'll and separate materials out it can lead to some radioactive and raise the Jews that can be causing a bit of a headache for right you know for some of the processes so these are at all some of the challenges that lie ahead for those people who want to replicate China's processing capacity in the rare a space , China so far hasn't explicitly said it'll restrict rare %HESITATION sales to the US but state media have hinted at it strongly meanwhile the Pentagon's request for funding has been sent to the White House officials say they want to improve America's competitiveness in the mineral market at least three US based companies have rare earth processing plant under construction or in the planning stages including one that set to start running next year but the other two aren't expected to open until twenty twenty two at the earliest