FIRST AIRED: May 22, 2019

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we learned last night of a second opinion on the morning after a report that staff members from the IRS wrote a confidential legal memo saying the president's tax returns must be given to Congress unless he invokes executive privilege are you aware of that letter treasury secretary Stephen minu chin who oversees the IRS told a house panel he was unaware of the memo I I looked at it literally on the way up here the memo first reported by The Washington Post blows a hole through his reasoning for not complying with Democrats request for trump's tax returns did somebody make you aware that the %HESITATION memo states that the law does not require that the ways and means committee finance chair or G. C. T. chief of staff include a reason or purpose for the request it can I I haven't %HESITATION it can let me just say the legal advice that we've relied upon and again I understand there's three branches of government and when it comes to constitutional issues there could be different interpretations and that's why there's a third branch of government to enjoy it I'm sorry that the cleaning my time %HESITATION you you are where you are at least aware that the conclusion of that memo directly contradicts the conclusion that you're relying upon %HESITATION I I actually don't believe that's the case manager has argued there is no legislative purpose for Democrats demand for trump's tax returns but the IRS memo says regardless of congress' legislative intentions the treasury secretary does not have the authority to deny congressional requests do you think the American people have a right to know , what's in those six people that I know I don't presidents are not required to and the American public knew that he didn't release them before they voted for him so that all right I'm reclaiming my time now the house ways and means committee has asked for six years of the president's personal and business tax returns trump's personal lawyers have asked the treasury department not to release them and have indicated the trump is prepared to take the legal fight over his tax returns all the way to the Supreme Court if this goes to the courts the courts will decide and determine