FIRST AIRED: May 22, 2019

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I've been using grinder for a pretty long time how did the world's most popular gay dating app become a matter of US national security in two thousand eighteen the California based company was acquired by a Chinese firm %HESITATION moon sources who worked at Grindr told Reuters engineers in Beijing got access to grinders database meaning access to users personal and in this case very personal information such as private messages and HIV status that's what set off alarms at a US government office overseeing foreign buyers of American business Reuters correspondent echo weighing is on the story we find no evidence that shows the Chinese government had any sort of access to the granite database however because the American government operates under the assumption that if %HESITATION the data is in the hands of Chinese companies and there is a possibility that that can be used by the Chinese government security officials may fear grinders database may include compromising information about US intelligence and military personnel sources say the committee on foreign investment in the US or CVS last year ordered Koon to restrict database access for its China based engineers Quinlan actually acted very fast %HESITATION after a quota and got the order from CVS one immediately restricted the access to %HESITATION database and other stuff by there Beijing based engineers , and also %HESITATION in the anti February twenty nineteen clone and decided to shut down the Beijing office completely and %HESITATION and from that day on they'll they'll there is no connections between the Beijing office and the grand office that a space here in west Hollywood still the privacy concerns prompted CVS to ask %HESITATION inland tack to sell the app Kumud has agreed to break up with grinder by June next year a spokeswoman from grinder told Reuters quotes the privacy and security of our users personal data is and always will be a top priority