FIRST AIRED: April 5, 2019

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for the past few years Guatemalan farmer Rigoberto down has been growing crops using a greenhouse equipped with the sprinkler watering system both donated by the U. S. E. ID program the American assistance has helped him support his family in the drought prone western highlands of Guatemala where farming is tough and droves of villagers have already migrated for the U. S. soon I needed a soon there will be migration of agriculture is not part of our ties if there is no one to support us here with agriculture then there is no agriculture now the future of hundreds of US aid programs that have assisted farmers likely own educated teens and improved policing are in jeopardy after US president Donald Trump said he will end Washington's aid to Guatemala El Salvador and Honduras the area known as the northern triangle and what do they do they don't do anything for us you have supposed to be money well spent I understand the reason for but that money does he get there US assistance expanded under former president Barack Obama just seven hundred and fifty four million in his last full fiscal year in office the eight however has steadily decreased under trump to six hundred and twenty seven million in two thousand and eighteen and last month the state department announced it will stop all for an age to the northern triangle punishing the countries for failing to halt an influx of migrants to the U. S. K. bought two proponents of international aid see that's a bad move as these programs have worked to slow the steady outflow of entire families in with his but also the king mumble something with what we're doing we have hope that there will be a good future for our children but if eight is cut I'm within this hope dies , Leon who grows hundreds of pine tree seedlings using funds from USA ID told Reuters that the number of families he knew living off the dry hillside more than doubled to forty as a result of the program he is concerned that if US aid it's got many will have to consider my greeting once again