FIRST AIRED: April 10, 2019

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casualties are mounting in Libya's capital Tripoli as a battle between forces loyal to two rival governments continues to rage , these refugees Libya is the main conduit for African migrants and refugees trying to reach Europe with many held in detention camps like find Zara in Tripoli south , on Tuesday the U. N.'s refugee agency relocated a hundred and fifty people from that because of fighting nearby thank , and this was the scene near the camp soldiers loyal to the Tripoli based government of prime minister fires also rose trying to block the advance of the Libyan national army of Qaddafi you're a general Khalifa stuff , %HESITATION backs a parallel administration based in the eastern city of Benghazi , the Ellen a sees Libya's oil rich south earlier this year before sweeping through largely unpopulated desert regions towards Tripoli at the weekend they took control of a disused airport and have carried out airstrikes as they seek to advance towards the city center , witnesses say the Ellen a has now lost control of the airport and withdrawn down the road , the latest cycle of bloodshed since more I'm a Duffy's full in twenty eleven threatens to disrupt oil supplies trigger more migration to Europe and scuff a U. N. plans for an election , but there's a more immediate human cost medical facilities have reported forty seven people killed and a hundred eighty one wounded in recent days , well most of those killed were fighters the patella take also comprises nine civilians including two doctors the World Health Organization said , it's also triggered a wave of people fleeing their homes with three thousand four hundred displaced according to the U. N. alongside the rising casualties