FIRST AIRED: November 5, 2018

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>> USA, USA.>> The tension has been building in Georgia where, republican secretary of state, Brian Kemp is neck in neck with democrat Stacey Abrams in their race for governor. And the candidates are pulling out all the stops with heavy hitter campaign events.>> An historical election.>> But for these Trump supporters there's no debating to be had.
>> I'm voting for Kemp because I don't want my taxes to go up. I don't want Georgia to become socialist.>> The Second Amendment, I love the way his stance on that.>> If Stacey Abrams gets in your Second Amendment is->>
>> Is.
Gone. At a rally in Macon, Georgia, on Sunday, President Trump went straight to the heart of his supporters, slamming Abrams.>> She supports a socialist takeover of healthcare, which means you will never be able to see your doctor.>> While Kemp has Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in his corner, Abrams, who's vying to become the nation's first black female governor, has Oprah and former president Barack Obama.
Star power that these voters say doesn't impress them much.>> I believe Trump has more star power. I believe a lot more people take him seriously because of all the policies he had and all the promises he's kept. And Obama's out there taking credit for the economy and things he clearly had nothing to do with.
>> But with all the onstage charisma, offstage, Georgia's race has become a flashpoint over cries of voter suppression. Where democrats have accused Kemp of using Georgia's strict voter identification laws to suppress the vote among minorities. Kemp supporters don't buy it.>> I think it's all fake.>> Well I trust the system, I'm an American and I trust our government to do the right thing.
And a lot of the media reports, I just quite frankly don't believe them.>> On Sunday, Kemp opened a probe of the State's Democratic Party over what his office alleged was a failed attempt to hack voter registration systems. Georgia witnessed record turnout in early voting with over 2 million people casting their ballot ahead of election day.