FIRST AIRED: November 4, 2018

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>> The Republican candidate for Governor in Georgia on Sunday, leveling a sensational, and so far unsubstantiated accusation, that Democrats tried to hack the state's voter registration system. The charge coming two days before the hotly contested race between Republican Brian Kemp, and Democrat Stacey Abrams. Kemp's office said it had opened a probe into the alleged cyber intrusion, and had notified the FBI and the department of homeland security.
Reuters correspondent, Joseph Axe,>> They've said that they are investigating the Democratic party of Georgia after an attempted hack of the voter registration system, which occurred Saturday evening according to them. So that's their explanation for why this investigation is being launched just two days before the election. And Democrats, of course, have a different take on it.
They're claiming that they don't know what he's talking about. This kinda feeds into the general narrative that Democrats have had about Kemp all along, which is that this is an enormous conflict of interest for him to be in charge of the election, in which he's the top name on the ballot.
Kemp is the Secretary of State for Georgia, which means he's the top election official, in charge of overseeing election law. He's also obviously the Republican nominee for governor, and so, for months, Democrats have been accusing him of essentially using his official position to help himself for election day.
>> The Abrams campaign firing back at Kemp, calling the allegations of a cyber attack, a quote, desperate attempt to distract voters, describing the probe as yet another of Kemp's attempts to suppress Democratic voter turnout.>> He's been accused of putting tens of thousands of voter registrations on hold for minor discrepancies between the names on the registration forms and the names that are reflected in state databases, like DMV records.
And the majority of those voters are minorities. He's also been the subject of several lawsuits that have accused him of, trying to restrict absentee ballots. Of trying to deprive recently naturalized US citizens of voting. And so, these are all allegations that Democrats have made essentially saying, he's using the powers of his office to suppress the vote in a way that'll help him against his democratic opponent.
>> We are Georgia!>> The gubernatorial contest had become one of the most the most closely watched battlegrounds ahead of Tuesday's elections for US Congress and Statehouses across the nation. Real Fair Politics average of polls suggests the race is a toss up, with a Republican, just 1.1 percentage points ahead of the Democrat.