FIRST AIRED: November 2, 2018

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>> They fled Honduras after being targeted for their sexual orientation. But their journey, as part of a migrant caravan moving north in search of a brighter future in the US, has been a bumpy ride. A group of at least 40 LGBT migrants who are part of the larger caravan in Southern Mexico fleeing poverty in Central America say they're facing bullying from within the caravan itself.
Among them is Jesus Erobles, who was interviewed by Reuters.>> It has been very difficult because of the harassment, the bullying, the jokes, the ill treatment toward us. They exclude us from things that we should be allowed to do. They treat us as if we're abnormal.>> But he says the situation in Honduras was much worse.
>> I am from Honduras, which is a country that has a lot of violence towards people who identify as gay, lesbian, or trans. They kill people. They decapitate them. That's why I ran away.>>
> The small group of LGBT migrants who banded together say they've been joined by others along their journey who are fleeing similar forms of oppression.
They say they're united by the rainbow pride flag and a determination to find a safe haven in the US, even if it means being targeted along the way. And as Trump promises a hard line crackdown on the caravan ahead of the US midterm Congressional elections.>> And they should turn back now.