FIRST AIRED: December 31, 2018

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2018 saw some of the worst natural disasters in US history. There were unprecedented events that struck both coasts and beyond. I travelled through California which suffered the most lethal wildfire in the states history, to Panama City in Mexico beach in the Florida Panhandle. Which bore the brunt of one of the most intense and destructive hurricanes ever to make landfall on the East Coast.
And I went all the way out to the big island of Hawaii, where the Kīlauea volcano unleashed its biggest eruption 200 years of recorded history. In early June we chartered a helicopter and And flew over the east coast of Hawaii where a river of lava was several miles long at this point, was pouring into the ocean.
We were looking down at maybe four or five houses, which were the last standing houses in this subdivision. They were right on the water. They looked like they had been beautiful properties. You could see sort of turquoise Tide pools where people use to snorkel and I was watching as they burned.
>> Come on, you need to go.>> I made it to Paradise, California just after the camp fire had swept out of town. Paradise had been home to about 27000 people and nearly all of those people lost their homes. More than 80 people died in the fire And the days right after it, California organized one of the biggest search and rescue operations in state history.
They used cadaver dogs which would go sniffing through the rubble. I watched as two forensic anthropologists as they were looking for just pieces of bone. Many people had been charred so badly that it was difficult to determine if Searchers were looking at annual remains, human remains and in some cases there were looking at bones of all.
It's hard for me not to worry a it, I will see sample of what's to come in the era of climate change. People in this community now face the long
Process of rebuilding, leaving in cold Towns from scratch, I think it's probably an open question as to whether or not they'll be able to do so and whether or not it's wise to do so