FIRST AIRED: January 1, 2019

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>> I think August 21st might be seen as one of the most significant days in Trump's presidency when you look back a few years from now. This brush investigation had been sort of hanging like a cloud over him. Since even before he took office. The questions about whether his campaign colluded with Moscow to win the White House.
Then all of a sudden in the same day you've got two dueling court room dramas playing out nearly at the same time. Paul Manafort who is Trump's former campaign manager is found guilty as part of Robert Mueller's Russia probe for hiding millions of dollars in offshore accounts. That's money that he'd earned as a lobbyist for pro-Russian Ukrainian.
Leaders. And now pretty much at the same time in the same hour you've got this bombshell news out of New York, totally unexpected. Here's Michael Cohen, Trump's former personal lawyer popping up in court to plead guilty To making secret payments to women who claim to have slept with Trump.
Also saying that Trump had directed him to do it implicating the President in crimes.>> This is the witch
and Trump's refusing to rule out a potential pardon.
You know he's a cigar smoker. He proudly called himself Trump's fixer, said he'd take a bullet for Trump, all of a sudden here he is in court saying that his former boss had broken the law.>> He is a weak person and Trump turned on him, started insulting him.
He's calling him weak, calling him a liar. Meanwhile, he's telling Manafort to stay strong as he's facing a long prison term.>> I feel very badly for Paul Manafort.>> Manafort was a classic Washington figure, you know, the real lavish lifestyle>> Style. These multiple homes, expensive suits, Persian rugs.
>> You know what, he happens to be a very good person.>> Now, it's an odd stance to insult somebody like Cohen who's cooperating with the Justice Department and cheer on somebody like Manafort, who prosecuters have now said regened on his cooperation.
>> Said I'm not taking anything off the table.>> Since then it's only gotten worse for Trump. Cohen's gone back to court and said that he spent much of the presidential campaign trying to land a real estate deal in Moscow, saying, he kept Trump in the loop the whole time.
Now of course Trump, this is the time when he's saying he had no dealings in Russia. Cohen's been sentenced to 3 years in prison. Also prosecutors have now said on their own terms that Trump is involved in these hush money payments.>> This has nothing to do with Russian collusion.
>> Trump has just been hammering Mueller, but with each legal filing, it's clear that Mueller's team>> Is doing a very serious deep dive into all aspects of Trump's empire. Taking aim at him, not just the people surrounding him.