FIRST AIRED: December 19, 2018

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>> The Canadian government on Wednesday confirming a third citizen has been detained in China, after Canadian police arrested a Chinese tech executive in Vancouver earlier this month. Ottawa has been careful not to accuse Beijing of retaliation. But former Canadian officials and Western diplomats describe the situation as a tit for tat reprisal by China.
Former Canadian Liberal Party politician Bob Ray saying, quote, this looks too much like hostage taking. At a news conference, Wednesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded to criticism he was not doing enough to win the detainees' release.>> Politicizing or amplifying the level of public discourse on this may be satisfying in the short term but would not contribute to the outcome we all want, which is for Canadians to be safe and secure.
>> The tension began when Canadian police took Meng Wanzhou into custody on an American arrest warrant on December 1st. Meng is the CFO of Chinese tech giant Huawei and the US Justice Department accuses her of misleading banks about sales to Iran. Her arrest sparking immediate anger from Beijing which demanded Canada release her.
A Canadian judge freed Meng on bail as she awaits an extradition hearing. In the wake of her arrest, two Canadians were detained in China on charges of harming state security and on Wednesday, the world learned of a third. If extradited to the United States, Meng would face charges of conspiracy to defraud multiple financial institutions with a maximum sentence of 30 years for each charge.