FIRST AIRED: December 20, 2018

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Fomin Actor is a 19 year old college student. She wears jeans, has a smart phone and studies for class. But she's a long way from home. Fomin is stateless Rohingya Muslim from Buddhist dominated Myanmar. She and her family had to flee across the border to Bangladesh to escape a campaign of arson, rape and killing by the military.
Back in Myanmar's Rakhine state, Fomin, like other Rohingya, was restricted from attending university. But in a twist of fate, her escape has allowed her to go to college in Bangladesh.>> It's just my dream and
] I dream the university or my dreams to come true.>> Fomin was raised by a father who wanted more for his daughters.
They defied those in their community who thought education was wasted on women. He allowed the girls to move away from home to get that education. Fomin and her older sister, Nujahan, became the only two girls from their village to ever finish high school. And they made a pact to one day go to university together.
>> Without education nothing's possible. Without education life has no value. I've seen that educated people have special value. So now my daughter is studying. She's a girl but that's not a problem.>> Her family now lives in a shelter made of bamboo in the largest refugee camp in the world.
Jahan married a Rohingya from their village this year, giving up her dream of university. She's now pregnant and teaches children in the camp. She says, I miss her a lot.