FIRST AIRED: March 20, 2019

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it's a tough question on the minds of democratic voters how will their eventual nominee match up against president Donald Trump in the twenty twenty election , and candidates are wasting no time trying to convince those in the early primary states that they would make the toughest opponent but in a large field with few major variations on policy contenders from senators Qemali harassing Cory Booker two former congressman Beto o'rourke are trying out different tactics to make their case ginger Gibson is on the story democratic strategists tell me that the candidates are going to have to prove to voters that they can take a rhetorical punch when they're on stage with Donald Trump but as for which form art tactic the voters are going to prefer exactly that's yet to be seen , a campaign aide tells Reuters that senator Harris a former prosecutor will try to convince voters that her courtroom experience has prepared her to successfully quote prosecute trump on the debate stage now more than ever we need a revival of civic grace others like senator Cory Booker are going in the other direction Booker has said he doesn't think that trumps the tax should be replied to with more attacks and he kind of takes a kill them with love approach he's in this country in what may be the most dramatic gesture yet senator cure sting chiller brand on Sunday will give her official campaign launch speech outside one of trump's New York hotels a move according to her campaign aimed at taking her quote vision of restoring America's moral integrity straight to president trump's doorstep most of these candidates however aren't saying Donald trump's and name on the campaign trail but %HESITATION of work is an example where he's referred to the president's policies or the president broadly but not under the name Donald Trump even sometimes when prompted to a February poll by Monmouth university found that fifty six percent of Democrats prefer a nominee who has a good shot at defeating trump even if they don't necessarily agree with their candidate on policy positions and well democratic hopefuls have until twenty twenty to test out their tactics one thing is clear while trump may not be physically present a democratic campaign stops he's a constant topic of conversation