FIRST AIRED: March 22, 2019

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field in the December to fight for fair maps and fare votes is coming to the Supreme Court Tuesday when arguments will be heard over the legality of north Carolina's Republican drawn electoral map as well as a single democratic drawn host district in Maryland challengers are asking the top court to rule for the first time on limits to gerrymandering a practice that reshapes electoral districts to favor one party over another and it's usually the party in power the top court's decision due at the end of June could influence elections for decades to come says Reuters correspondent Lawrence Hurley the stakes are really high in this case if the Supreme Court decides to put limits on the circle partisan gerrymandering that's because often the twenty twenty census all the states have to redraw their districts and if the Supreme Court doesn't embrace this theory that they should be these limitations put on it could affect the maps drawn across the country and could it could end up sort of leading to more equal kind of vote share as in different states %HESITATION which could you know lead to big changes in the house of representatives in Congress the North Carolina case focuses on a two thousand sixteen map adopted after a court found that Republican legislators unlawfully used race as a factor when drawing certain house districts when they started redrawing the congressional boundaries Republicans made it blatantly clear that the new map would favor their own political party representative David Lewis added I think electing Republicans is better than electing Democrats so I drew this map to help foster what I think is better for the country more than two dozen democratic voters the state's Democratic Party and two advocacy groups sued claiming partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional so both parties over the years have been guilty of doing gerrymandering but there's been increasing criticism of the practice mainly from the left but also a little bit from the right , saying that it's got to extreme partly because of the use of computer technology in drawing lines which make them a lot more precise and easier to split votes to make a one party benefit over the other for decades the Supreme Court has been uncertain about federal court's authority to curb gerrymandering just last year the top court failed to issue decisive rulings on such cases from Wisconsin and Maryland