FIRST AIRED: April 3, 2019

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Republicans should not run away from health care you can't do it you're gonna get clobbered Republican leaders may have thought they had talked to president trump out of pushing health care for now after he's done them last week by reigniting efforts to kill obamacare which many believe cost in the house in twenty eighteen but trump is not backing down using a GOP fundraiser Tuesday night to once again urged Republicans to re claim health care from the Democrats they have health care right now we have to take that away from he followed with the tweet Wednesday promising an alternative to obamacare that will be quote much better and less expensive all of this after his fellow Republicans revolted against the decision last week to use court action to try to scrap obamacare which polls show is increasingly popular with the American public earlier in the week trump briefly seem to reconsider the new push after a call from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell he said he was not prepared to revive work on health legislation recalling that Republicans had failed to pass the plan when they still held both chambers of Congress so I made it clear to him that we were not going to be doing that in the Senate trump agreed to hold off on a health care vote until after the election but he is still keen for Republicans to seize the issue you got it confronted that's music to the ears of Democrats he promises , and maybe you can take a peek at my back up plan after that , which they don't have what a roofs , Democrats picked up thirty eight seats in the house of representatives in last November's election after campaigning heavily on strengthening obamacare last week Democrats introduced a bill in the house to do just that and on Wednesday the Democrat controlled house plans to vote on a resolution condemning trumps effort to overturn obamacare in the courts