FIRST AIRED: April 3, 2019

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a US congressional committee on Wednesday will vote on whether to subpoena special counsel Robert Muller is full unredacted report on Russia's role in the twenty sixteen election it would mark an escalation and Democrats efforts to look at the evidence uncovered by the twenty two month investigation and sets about possible legal battle with the trump administration it's really step one and what could be a very lengthy process Reuters correspondent John Wolfe explains once the subpoenas issued Attorney General William Barr could decide not to comply Congress could then vote told bar in contempt and then take him to court to force the report's release a process that could take months or even years it would begin at a lower court most likely and then get appealed up and very likely end up at the Supreme Court that's a long process the wheels of justice move really slowly according to the justice department Miller did not establish that trump or his campaign engaged in a criminal conspiracy with Russia to sway the election in a summary of the report Barr said Miller did not produce enough evidence to charge the president with obstruction although the special counsel did not exonerate the president on the question bar has said he plans to make public a redacted copy of Miller's report by mid April but the democratic led house Judiciary Committee is demanding access to the nearly four hundred page unredacted report in full it's hard to know how successful Democrats would be enforcing the subpoena in court because we don't know the kinda redactions bar is going to make yet Somers actions minimal ones would have a probably sound legal basis your actions that might look like a a bit of an effort to sanitize it to protect the president and in that case we we would see more protracted battle and while president trump has called to report a total exoneration he's backed off supporting a public release well I think it's ridiculous we went through two years of the mall or investigation , we have %HESITATION I mean not only that you read the wording it was proven who could go through that and get wording where it was no collusion no nothing if lawmakers cannot come to an agreement with bar on how much of the report they can see the courts will be left to balance the need for secrecy in investigations with Congress's authority to conduct oversight