FIRST AIRED: April 2, 2019

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plastic it's polluting our rations destroying reefs and smothering marine life but now one possible solution might be coming from the action itself in shellfish basically making a biodegradable recyclable plastic using leftover lobster shells and other crustaceans got thanks to a natural polymer found in the shells called chi ten it's usually destined for landfill but London based startup the show works is working on a method to transform the chitin that are its three founders in CHF edgy and a mac shop we actually started with lobster shells because it has the highest content of chitin so it makes up about thirty to forty percent of the shell out so for us that make the most sense as well as it's kind of an untapped waste stream if the first step is the retail of the shows we crush them up and we use an Aston alkali solution to strip away mineral and prejudice together the cut to ninety five is we can then add that cartoons and powder to household vinegar and that gives us a by plastic solution and then we use a solution with a custom made machines to be able to form three dimensional things the team a testing what they call recipes from many different products from plant pots to plastic shopping bags , the founders say there are enough wasted shells to make a serious dent in plastic use , according to the United Nations some five hundred billion disposable plastic bags a used globally every year at least eight million tons of plastic looks into the oceans annually