FIRST AIRED: October 13, 2018

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>> The number of migrant children being held at this detention facility in Torneo, Texas, has nearly quadrupled since the shelter opened in June. The reason? A backlog in FBI background checks for those sponsoring the children along with a growing number of new kids crossing the US Mexican border is delaying their release, according to Federal officials.
Correspondent, Julio Cesar Chavez recently visited the camp.>> Reuters just finished a tour of the migrant detention facility in Torneo, Texas for unaccompanied minors. The nearly 1,500 children you see in the tents right behind me all crossed the border unaccompanied or with smugglers and none of them with older family members.
>> Art projects and religious drawings fill the tents where the children sleep. And according to their caretakers, soccer is their favorite thing to do, but they also learn.>> In June when Reuters first toured the facility, the children were only given worksheets for their education time. Now they have a full schedule with teachers leading large classrooms.
Those teachers are leading the students through social studies, English, and Science, and Math subjects.>> Some of the children originally housed in Torneo had have been separated from their parents, during the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy on illegal border crossings. A move that received heavy criticism and pressured the administration to stop the policy in June.
But months after it has ended, the number of children crossing the border without their parents has risen. The Trump administration has said that detention of migrants crossing illegally is meant to deter others from doing the same. But some migrant children at the camp told Reuters they had not heard of Trump's detention policies and did not know they would be held after crossing illegally.