FIRST AIRED: June 5, 2019

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you too bye announced on Wednesday that it will remove videos that denied the Holocaust the shooting at sandy hook and other violent events ever took place in a major reversal in policy as it fights criticism that it provides a platform for hate speech you do which is owned by alpha bits Google also said it will prohibit videos made by white supremacists and others that defend discrimination promote segregation or glorify **** ideology writers tech correspondent Paresh Dave Hey you two best said for years that people denying a certain historical events that are well documented like the Holocaust or recent school shootings event %HESITATION should be allowed a platform %HESITATION and they've said you know those videos are important for the historical record and for researchers to show that there's people with these diverse viewpoints %HESITATION but they're really changing course here and saying we're not going to tolerate that anymore I removing them completely is perhaps the the biggest step that we've seen yet by any social platform the move follows a wave of similar steps taken by its Fang peers in March Facebook announced its own major change to company policy to ban any support of white nationalism on the social network and Instagram and last month the band right wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and other extremists from its platforms following similar decisions by Twitter you tube and apple's podcasts app you do said the shift in policy will mean thousands of channels will be removed the new policies are also likely to frustrate those who say hate speech should not be censored