FIRST AIRED: June 12, 2019

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it's been one year since the Singapore summit there was the hand shake the pageantry and of course the historic agreement and we're very proud of what took place today but how much progress has the US really made with North Korea since then , and still has its nuclear weapons a second summit fell apart spectacularly and state media even threatening the US to back off so are we back to square one there is this threshold that Donald Trump and Kim Jong nine just can't seem to cross we saw him seven in Singapore on the ground there was a lot of excitement when the two leaders first met but I'll quickly fizzled out when everyone realized just how lacking all that was of substance still some seem happy about it that most importantly I want to thank chairman Kim for taking , the first bold step toward a bright new future for his people but after that was her Norway where on the second date just a little before lunch time things started to unravel trump when it came to give up on his weapons and Kim wanted trump he's off on sanctions the threshold so this time trump was left behind trying to explain what exactly went wrong so we continue to work and we'll see what we had to walk away from that particular suggestion , where it's been awhile since we've heard threats like these rocket man , is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime trump for the most part has insisted he still has a good relationship with Kim Jong un and even sided with the dictator recently when it came to reports about a north Korean official being executed but whether they'll reach that deal trump seems to want so eagerly at some point hopefully a deal will have to deal , D. L. it's a different story , actually with the north most recent missile tests %HESITATION they were some smaller ones shorter range not the kind that can threaten the United States %HESITATION but they were something of a wake up call for South Korea and American officials %HESITATION and definitely signal to a lot of us that things could be on a track back to some of the tensions we saw in twenty seventeen some of the tensions that %HESITATION people had hoped had gone away when trump and Kim met that first time analysts say the north's latest missiles could be used early and effectively in any war with South Korea or the United States just last month the Regina even tested a new weapon a smaller missile that could be easier to hide and maneuver the tests have been wrapping up since the failed Hunley summit but trump's message has been the same the trust can German , I view it differently I view it as a man perhaps he wants to get attention , and perhaps not who knows him to run on the other hand has been less forgiving he's given Washington a deadline it has until the end of the year to become more flexible if the standoff between the two sides continue it might not be long before fire and fury is back on the table do not underestimate us and North Korea warns the agreement tromping Kim made in Singapore will be nothing more than a blank sheet of paper