FIRST AIRED: July 24, 2018

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>> A wildfire in Greece has killed scores, the youngest victim a six-month old baby. Families found children clasped in a last embrace as they tried to flee the flames. Emergency crews discovered one group of 26 victims, some children, lying close together. It seems they'd been trying to find an escape route, but couldn't make it in time.
The fire broke out in the small community of
is there.>> There were hot, intense, furious winds that came barreling across this region. It is a region that is lush. It is full of pine trees, full of pine cones, which if lit, are like flaming grenades that can carry flames farther away and ignite more fires.
People were found next to their vehicles, next to their motorcycles, trying to open the door, trying to mount their motorcycles, which means they must have seen the fire, they were rushing to leave the area, and they never made it.>> Coastguard vessels and other boats rescued almost 700 people who managed to get to the shoreline.
This is a popular spot for Greek holiday-makers, particularly for pensioners and children attending summer camps. Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras cut short a trip to Bosnia on Monday. He was seen rushing to an emergency meeting on the blaze. The country has asked for help from its European Union partners.
Cyprus has offered to send personnel and fire engines. With the fire now largely under control, three days of official mourning are set to begin.