FIRST AIRED: January 16, 2019

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>> The noes have it, the noes have it. The Prime Minister.>> It was widely expected that the draft divorce settlement between the UK government and European Union over Brexit would be rejected by the British parliament.>>
And that's what happened on a grand scale. And Prime Minister Theresa May met it with a bold move, inviting her opposition to call a no-confidence vote on her own government.
In other words, she's dared them to try and get her fired.>> The government has heard what the House has said tonight. But I ask members on all sides of the House to listen to the British people who want this issue settled.>> Yeah.>> And to work with the government to do just that.
>> It means the political and economic turmoil for Britain isn't going away. A crisis that may has repeatedly warned could eventually threaten the UK itself, emboldening secessionists movements in Northern Ireland and Scotland. This was the scene outside as the main debate and vote got underway.>> That is the test history has set for us today.
accepted the challenge, the votes on Wednesday.>> The results of tonight's vote is the greatest defeat for a government since the 1920s in this house.>> The deal that Prime Minister's been pushing for months lost with 202 votes, versus 432, rejected by both hardliners and pro-EU lawmakers.
>> If she survives the confidence vote, May will have until Monday to tell lawmakers what she plans to do next. So what could that be? She might decide to go back to Brussels and try to get more concessions for yet another Brexit vote in the future, but what May says she doesn't want is another election, which would bring more months of uncertainty.
She also doesn't want another referendum, basically another chance for British voters to say this hassle isn't worth it. Poll suggests the majority of Britain's would now vote against Brexit unlike the original vote in 2016. If the polls are wrong, it could bring the government right back to where it is now.
But then, this is a saga that's already had a lot of twists.