FIRST AIRED: January 16, 2019

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>> US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asks President Donald Trump on Wednesday to reschedule his annual State of the Union speech before Congress. Because of the partial government shutdown. Pelosi said the US Secret Service, part of the Treasury Department, is the lead agency responsible for coordinating and planning security for the event.
But the agency hasn't been funded for 26 days.>> Decision requires hundreds of people working on the logistics and the security of it. Most of those people are either furloughed or victims of the President's shutdown.>> In a letter to the President, Pelosi suggested Trump instead deliver the speech in writing.
Republicans quickly attacked the suggestion. House Republican Whip Steve Scalise responded on Twitter saying, this decision makes clear what we already know. Democrats are only interested in obstructing Donald Trump, not governing. Secretary for Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen on Wednesday responded. Tweeting her department and the Secret Service, quote, were fully prepared to support and secure the State of the Union.
The federal government has been partially shut down since December 22nd. Over Trump's demand that congress spend $5.7 billion for a wall along the Mexican border. Democrats refuse to fund the wall, calling it expensive and ineffective. And pointing out that Trump promised Mexico would foot the bill. A bipartisan group of lawmakers met at the White House Wednesday to seek a way out of the impasse.
The White House described the talks as productive. But the talks did not include Democratic leaders. Who have so far corralled their caucus into a unified front, demanding Trump reopen government before they negotiate funding for border security.>> We have one simple message today. Three words, open the government.
>> In the Senate, a group of Democrats and Republicans are pressing Trump to drop his demand for a border wall as a precondition for talks.>> I think there are plenty of Democrats in the Senate who would work with the President to help meet his priorities. I don't think they're gonna do it while the government's shut down.
>> What do we want?>> Pay!>> When do we want it?>> Now!>> Amid the impasse, the pain from the shutdown continues to spread. Furloughed government workers rallied at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in support of unpaid TSA workers.>> We just bought a new house in June, and I've been aggressively paying down my student loans.
I had a 40% paycheck last Friday. But the next time, next payday I'll be getting zero dollars.>> On Wednesday Trump signed legislation guaranteeing 800,000 federal workers will receive back pay when the shutdown ends. But a conclusion to the impasse remains nowhere in sight.