FIRST AIRED: January 21, 2019

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>> Roaring along Baghdad's highways, the Iraq bikers are doing more than showing off their love of outsized motorcycles and black leather. They want their shared enthusiasm to help heal Iraq's deep sectarian rifts. Their goal is to build a brotherhood improving the image of biker gangs, and to promote unity after years of sectarian conflict.
That's why the group, founded in 2012, has its first rule thus, you do not talk about politics.>>
> We no longer have the strength to endure these tragedies, or to repeat them.
>> The Iraq bikers, who now number nearly 400, are men of all ages, social classes and various faiths. Some are in the military, the police and even the popular mobilization forces. That's a group of mostly Shia militias which have taken part in the fight to oust Islamic State from Iraq in the last three years.
But riding a chopper through Baghdad is quite different from these men's American counterparts, driving freely down Route 101. In Iraq, the bikers have to slow down at the many military checkpoints set-up around the city. To deter suicide and car bomb attacks. And there are very few top range bikes here, either.
Instead mechanics in the Iraq bikers number, turn ordinary motorbikes into something special to give their mission for peace a little more style.