FIRST AIRED: February 17, 2019

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police tracked a suspect nearly forty five hundred miles and may have cracked the case going back a quarter century on Friday a forty four year old Steven downs was arrested in Portland Maine for allegedly killing twenty rolled Sophie Sergey at the university of Alaska in Fairbanks back in nineteen ninety three Sergei's body was found in a dormitory bath tub she had been sexually assaulted stabbed in the face and shot in the back of the head the case lay dormant for years but according to court documents detective the twenty eighteen tried using the same DNA technology that helped police track down the suspected Golden State killer last year they submitted a DNA profile from the Sergey crime scene to a company that uses DNA to help people build out their family trees and they landed on Stephen Downes aunt that clue helped authorities discover her nephew who was a student at the same university as Sergey and lived in the same dormitory neighbors who live in Auburn were downs grew up were shocked in Auburn's pretty quiet town usually so it's just surprising notoriety for the town not necessarily in a good way on Friday Alaska state troopers working with the Maine state police arrested downs near the fire side in in this day and age nothing nothing surprises me %HESITATION anybody can be from anywhere and you never know what the past is gallons was charged with sexual assault and murder as for Sir he's family they're hoping to finally get justice after years of not knowing who took the life of their beloved Sophie