FIRST AIRED: September 6, 2018

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Judge have you ever discussed special council Mueller or his investigation with anyone?>> Well it's in the news every day.>> Have you discussed it with anyone?>> With other judges I know.>> Have you discussed Mueller or his investigation with anyone at Kasowitz, Benson & Torres, the law firm founded by Mark Kasowitz, President Trump's lawyer.
Be sure about your answer, sir.>> Well, I'm not remembering, but if you have something you wanna->> Are you certain you've not had a conversation with anyone at that law firm? Who'd you talk to?>> I don't think, I'm not remembering, but I'm happy to be refreshed or if you want to tell me who you're thinking of.
>> Sir, are you saying that with all that you remember, you have an impeccable memory, you've been speaking for almost eight hours, I think more with this committee, about all sorts of things you remember. How can you not remember whether or not you had a conversation about Robert Muller or his investigation with anyone at that law firm.
This investigation has only been going on so long sir so please answer the question.>> I'm just trying to think, do I know anyone who works at that firm? I might know, and I would like to know, the person you're thinking of cuz what if there's->> I think you're thinking of someone and you don't want to tell us.