FIRST AIRED: December 4, 2018

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> Because of that some are now forgoing legal entry ,hoping that if they're apprehended in America their cases could be heard sooner.
Reuters correspondent Christine Murray was there.>> So somebody would get up on to the top of the fence and help pull people up while somebody would be underneath pushing their feet up from below. It's about three meters high so it's quite difficult climb. And then another group showed up with lots of children and most of them would walk straight up this hill just the other side, very slowly, in a big group.
Mothers holding their children and they would walk straight up to where the border patrol vehicles were waiting.>> Reuters reporters observed roughly two dozen people climbing the fence Monday and as darkness descended, more migrants followed. Thousands of migrants fled Central America on foot trying to escape violence and economic hardship for a chance at a better life in the US.
But President Donald Trump has called the migrants an invasion and vowed to stop them from entering. Mexican police have tried to block them from reaching the US ports of entry and filing asylum claims. And thousands of migrants have lived in squalid camps in Tijuana.>> Migrants can go and say I want to ask for asylum and they put them on the list and give them a number.
And currently the wait times are several months and there's thousands of people, if you put your name down there's thousands of people ahead of you.>>
Though migrants are allowed to ask for asylum anywhere on US soil President Trump is attempting to block those caught crossing the border illegally from claiming asylum. An executive order that has since been blocked by a federal court.