FIRST AIRED: November 25, 2018

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> Victims of a suspected toxic gas attack in Syria. Officials say more than 100 people were wounded in Aleppo, the first such assault in the city. The Syrian government and its ally Russia blamed the attack on insurgents, something rebel officials deny. A monitoring group said the shell caused dozens of people breathing problems in the city late on Saturday.
Hospitals in Aleppo now treating the wounded. They say patients suffered difficulty breathing, eye inflammation, shivering and fainting. While it's not definitive what the gas was, those symptoms are concurrent with chlorine attacks. State media has said the army has already hit back at rebel militants near the city while Russian warplanes bombed them from above.
Syria's foreign ministry has urged the UN Security Council to condemn and punish the attack. Rebels say they don't have the capacity to produce chemical weapons. One spokesman accused Damascus of trying to create, quote, a malicious charade as a pretext to attack rebel towns. The Russian Turkish deal in September has staved off an expected army offensive against the Idlib region, so this attack comes as a significant blow to peace.
A past UN inquiry found the Syrian government used a nerve agent, sarin, in a 2017 attack and has also used chlorine several times. The government of Syrian President Assad has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons in the war.