FIRST AIRED: September 19, 2018

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>> Google clinching a major win this week in the race to power your car's infotainment system. An alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi which together sold over 10 million vehicles last year, say future models will integrate maps and the voice operated butler, Google Assistant. A clear departure from when car makers try to build in their own systems.
Fearing leaning on big tech could let Silicon Valley have the upper hand in relationships with its customers, Reuters correspondent Steve Nelis>> So cars right now are very similar to how mobile phones were before smartphones came along. They've got increasingly powerful computers inside them. Now the approach so far has been these programs called AndroidAuto and Apple CarPlay.
That's where you plug a device into the car working via Bluetooth, and then you see that software experience from your phone mirrored onto the display. The key difference here is that Google is going to actually be putting an operating system in the car so you won't have to hook an android phone up to the car to get that android experience.
And to use things like Google maps.>> But not all car makers are ready to open the door to big tech. Daimler which builds the Mercedes-Benz cars rolled out on it's own machine learning and voice recognition tech early this year. BMW is also investing in its own operating system.
But technology giants are pushing harder for dashboard space, Apple's car play is now available on more than 400 vehicle models while Amazon had save its way into Ford and Toyota cars.>> So when you're seeing that experience, when you use Apple CarPlay it's still being powered by the iPhone.
And the question is ,will Apple ever put an operating system in one of those cars using a computer that the car maker has made? Or will Apple try to make a computer that the car makers will put into the car that will run Apple software?>> The Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Alliance says the first android equipt cars will launch in 2021,