FIRST AIRED: September 19, 2018

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>> It's shaping up as one of the most explosive hearings on Capital Hill in more than 25 years if it actually happens. Republicans say they haven't heard from the woman who has accused President Trump's Supreme Court pick of sexual assault, saying they might cancel next Monday's planned testimony if she doesn't come forward.
>> Hopefully, the woman will come forward, state her case.>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington where the Republican plan to push the Supreme Court to the right is up in the air. Next Monday's hearing, a chance to exam closely these accusations, but Democrats and Republicans are deeply at odds over how it should play out.
Both sides acutely aware that the stakes have suddenly gotten higher and they're wary of making a misstep ahead of the November elections. Professor Christine Blasey Ford going silent, after accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault at a high school party more than 30 years ago, not responding to queries from the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Chairman Chuck Grassley says he might call off the hearing. Democrats in the Senate don't want just a he said she said confrontation. They want to call on other witnesses like Kavanaugh's old friend Mark Judge. Blasey Ford says he was in the room during the alleged assault. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says Republicans are at risk of making the same mistakes as they did during Anita Hill's 1991 testimony against then-nominee, Clarence Thomas.
>> That's simply inadequate, unfair, wrong, and a desire not to get at the whole truth and nothing but the truth.>> Democrats are also calling for the FBI to investigate.>> And in particular, the people in the FBI who have the experience of dealing with sexual assault cases should be charged with doing an investigation.
>> Trump has continued to back his nominee for the high court.>> He's an incredible individual, great intellect, great judge, impeccable history. I feel so badly for him, that he's going through this.>> Kavanaugh returned to the White House on Tuesday, to strategize over the coming hearing. While the facts remain unclear, the politics of the situation have come into focus.
These charges against Kavanaugh making it easier for Democrats from conservative states like West Virginia to vote against his nomination. That means Republicans will have to stick together if they wanna get him through the Senate. They'll have to be careful not to come off as callous during next Monday's hearings, because that could invite a backlash from voters in November.