FIRST AIRED: September 27, 2018

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>> Wow, that's a lot of hands.>> US President, Donald Trump, holding a lengthy rare and rumbling solo news conference late Wednesday, where he was press repeatedly on the multiple allegations to sexual misconduct against Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.>> Do you think these women, all three of them are liars?
Yes or no.>> I can't tell you I have to watch tomorrow, I have to read. I just heard about one a little while ago.>> But he did call the allegations false.>> These are false accusations.>> Reporters pressing the President on his repeated support for men, particularly his political supporters and staff, who have been accused of sexual abuse and harassment.
Including failed Republican Senate candidate, Roy Moore, who allegedly tried to date and touch underage women.>> Well, first of all, I wasn't happy with Roy Moore. This guy's screaming, we want Roy Moore, he's right. Let's get that straight.>> Reporters likening the accusations against Kavanaugh, to the more than a dozen women who've accused Trump of misconduct.
>> I've been accused, false accusations.>> Trump also appearing to downplay the other major story of the week, his planned meeting with Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, set for Thursday.>> Are you planning to fire Rod Rosenstein?>> I'm talking to him.>> Rumors swirled this week that the president was gearing up to ax Rosenstein, who oversees the special council's investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US election
>> The uproar coming after news report, Rosenstein had spoken about secretly recording the president, and suggested cabinet members could remove him from office.>> He said he never said it. He said he doesn't believe it. He said has a lot of respect for me. But my preference would be to keep them.
>> The President also taking his time with reporters, apparently enjoying the back and forth with a press corp he often professes to dislike.>> All of my life I've had very few stories, but I've had some on the front page of the New York Times. Now I think I average about three or four a day, right?
And of the three or four, they're all negative, no matter what I do, they're negative. But you know what? That's okay, I still love the paper. Go ahead.>> But he still used his favorite broadside against the press, calling reports that world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly laughed at him, fake news.
>> Didn't expect that reaction, but that's okay.>>
They weren't laughing at me, they were laughing with me, we had fun. That was not laughing at me, so,