FIRST AIRED: September 18, 2018

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>> Body camera footage shows a US Coast Guard rescuer swooping down in a basket suspended by a helicopter toward a house surrounded by flood water in Pender County, North Carolina.>> I know it might be a little scary, but we got you, we're gonna take care of you, okay?
>> Search and rescue missions such as this continuing, as slow moving Storm Florence barrels across the region. North Carolina deployed around 2,000 boats and 36 helicopters to help people stranded in floods, according to the state's Director of Emergency Management. Over 650 people were taken to safety in Wilmington, North Carolina, which took a direct hit when Florence plowed into the state as a hurricane on Friday.
That city, largely cut off since the weekend, due to storm surges and flooding from the Cape Fear River. Reuters correspondent Ernest Scheyder found Wilmington residents struggling to get basic supplies.>> You can see, just over my shoulder here, a Kangaroo Express gasoline station that opened at 7 AM on Tuesday, but the line started forming well before 6:30 AM.
I spoke with one woman who had been in line for more than 1 hour and 40 minutes, and she still had yet to get gasoline for her minivan. It's a problem throughout much of the region. The state police and local officials are escorting in fuel supplies to the area, which is still recovering from Hurricane Florence, and hopes to have full electricity back sometime in the coming days.
>> Fire and rescue crews are still waiting to go into areas after the storm dumped up to three feet of rain since Thursday. Property damage from the storm is expected to exceed $17 billion. Some of the worst is further inland, where fewer homes and businesses have federal flood insurance, such as the Starlight Motel in Spring Lake.
>> I'm devastated, and all the money that we saved and we put it in there, it's gonna be down the drain, and it's gonna be hard to build up back again.>> Forecasters warned heavy rains could cause flash flooding in parts of the Northeastern US Tuesday. The National Weather Service said as many as six inches of rain could fall in parts of the region.