FIRST AIRED: May 6, 2019

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there was a time when speaking these words in a class would have been impossible even dangerous , about one result of the bloody Syrian civil war it liberated Syrian Kurds to learn and teach that language free from government persecution and in eight years of conflict a generation of young kids have grown up noting the leading Kurdish but enjoying a degree of national economy the ancestors could only imagine Sarah Houghton is how the hell honestly this was a dream for us to learn our language we used to sing sometimes in new Ross and other celebrations I always wanted to know how to write the songs in my language I used to know how to write the words it was a dream for all Kurds turn in their own language we have achieved this stream Kurdish groups now hold about a quarter of Syria the biggest chunk outside the control of Damascus however that grip on power in a region rich in oil femme lands and water remains vulnerable president Bashar al Assad wants all of Syria techie threatens to crush them and US support is wavering and the Kurdish steps toward self governance and Syria are alarming neighboring states millions of Kurds live in tacky Iran and Iraq and those countries are worried that Kurdish minorities might try to fully seats , in Syria cuts a relishing arrests bites from government control Kurdish activists who could not protest without risking arrest now have printing presses festivals and television channels unimaginable before the war in the past people bent Kurdish book Santa Fe or buried them in the villages to keep them safe hi Monica this region god forbid if there's an attack from the regime or the opposition side either we will escape and leave it or we will have to burn these books or bury them underground again , but the feature is on sets in schools here are not recognized officially by the states or the outside world and Kurdish authorities have so far failed to negotiate a political deal with series governments