FIRST AIRED: May 3, 2019

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I won't be partaking in the forthcoming elections the reason why I won't be voting is because I'm unemployed I don't think I'm going to vote a message from south Africa's despondent and often jobless use young people are turning their backs on elections next Wednesday and they make up more than sixty percent of eligible voters who haven't registered can I Naila Marketa is twenty three into graduate and he says too busy looking for work to vote next week as did smiling basic right to be voting I think it's quite pointless because like it's going to take another I don't know how many is for us to actually realize like change what makes voter apathy even most striking among young black south Africans is that the parents were allowed to vote for the first time only twenty five years ago when apartheid ended they say the ruling African National Congress has failed to deliver its promises and the result is a lack of jobs hi crime corruption and pull public services promised among %HESITATION con find a job despite his diploma in architectural design when it comes to elections %HESITATION I get more frustrated because , time where you get like , our I don't know how to say it but , you you get a chance to have your voice heard but in doing that at the end of the day the end up not being the hood , it's still all but certain for the a and C. in the parliamentary and provincial polls but allegations of corruption and failed promises are likely to eat away at its share of the vote