FIRST AIRED: May 9, 2019

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Facebook co founder on Thursday called for the company to be broken up Chris Hughes seen here in twenty ten created Facebook with CEO mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University in an essay in The New York Times he wrote the American government needs to do two things break up Facebook's monopoly and regularly to the company to make it more accountable to the American people Facebook owns the largest social network with more than two billion users across the world it also owns what sap messenger and Instagram each used by more than one billion people Hughes who quit Facebook in two thousand seven to work for then senator Barack Obama's first presidential campaign said a far too much control over what billions of people see and read is concentrated in a single person's hands and he invoked American tradition of breaking up monopolies from Standard Oil to eighteen T. as a precedent for tackling Facebook Facebook did not respond to a request for comment but Hughes is not the first one to say the social media giant is too big one of the key issues here is is Facebook too powerful U. S. democratic presidential primary candidates Elizabeth Warren has called for the break up of Facebook Google and Amazon arguing they are anti competitive monopolies so my view is break those things apart and we will have a much more competitive robust market in America that's how capitalism should work the C. E. O. wrote a piece in The Washington Post in March acknowledging Facebook's quote immense responsibilities and called for quote new regulation on the internet Hughes says that isn't enough writing Facebook isn't afraid of a few more rules it's afraid of an anti trust case and of the kind of accountability that real government oversight would bring adding mark Zuckerberg cannot fix Facebook but our government can