FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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president obama heading to the capital friday to make a last ditch appeal to his fellow democrats to pack his trade agenda the house is inching towards a critical friday vote that could make or break one of obama's biggest priorities the trans pacific partnership reuters trade reporter krista hughes the margin to pass this info it is something that no one is actually , when the last times that this legislation is come up before congress it's passed by one right the t. p. p. is a massive trade deal involving twelve countries currently being negotiated in secret supporters say would open asian markets to u. s. goods and counter the growing economic clout of china president obama is trying to get congress to grant him so called fast track authority to wrap up the deal with only an up or down vote in the congress , he got the bill to the senate last month , now we've got to a point where at the trans pacific partnership is almost ready to be done and indeed needs to be done very soon like in the next few weeks if it's going to get through the u. s. congress this year and so we're really running up against deadlines a preliminary vote late thursday passed the house by five votes the fast track bill is put obama at odds with many in his own party free trade is that it is a very difficult issue for democrats because many and have a close links to unions which consent about the impact on free trade and on jobs you know republicans are generally pro trade but there is substantial group of conservative republicans he just on like a bomb , and don't want to do anything that would make life easier for the white house , those two forces combining to make friday's vote too close to call for obama and his pro trade allies