FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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the battle over the cloud is about to get very persoal google ad amazo are fightig it out over storig the data cotaied i our d. . a. uiversities ad healthcare compaies are rushig to build huge geomics databases which would allow them to persoalize treatmet based o a patiet's d. . a. ad are ow turig to the two tech giats for storage ad more show vaguely is reuters health ad sciece correspodet , the two giats . i. t. google ad amazo , ca do it better them day the uiversity , ca do it ad i do it better i mea they ca store huge datasets ad we're talkig about geomes , ad they ca also offered very impressive algorithms ad other aalytic tools so that scietists ca probe the d. . a. data ad make discoveries o them aalysts expect the clouds eormous market ow estimated betwee oe ad three hudred millio dollars to grow up to oe billio dollars by two thousad eightee the busiess could icrease eve further because cloud storage is also allowig researchers to aalyze geomic data faster tha ever before util ow large geomic data sets were sittig ad they resided i local computers ad local surfers o a uiversity campus at a govermet lab but what happeed was because d. . a. data is so volumious you ca ot easily dowloaded so by istead of havig the data set havig the d. . a. i the cloud their researchers across the globe are able to access that istatly amazo is chargig about four to five dollars a moth store oe complete huma geome agaist ghouls three to five dollars do compaies would ot disclose how much data they already holdig but aalysts believe amazo has the lead