FIRST AIRED: June 2, 2016

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the u. s. state department sounding the alarm friday on a global spike in terror attacks in fatalities in twenty fourteen highlighted by the rise of islamic state as the world's premier jihadists military group reuters correspondent warrant strobel the state department released its annual report on the trends in terrorism in two thousand fourteen so widely watched report every year terrorist attacks were up thirty five percent fatalities by terrorist attack room eighty one percent in the number of kidnappings have tripled , two thousand fourteen was a bad year fear in the anti terrorism business , the report also notably points out that isis has eclipsed al qaeda as de facto global leader of the jihadist movement with the news that one and possibly even to major al qaeda leaders were killed earlier this month in u. s. strikes it appears the group responsible for nine eleven has seen better days where i think over time the united states and its allies have had great success in targeting the leadership of al qaeda starting with osama bin laden himself but also lots of other leaders al qaeda wall very good seems to be not as good as , state in terms of using social media and getting this message across , so you combine those two things and you see all kinda sorta over time on , diminishing nnnnn islamic states ability to seize vast swaths of territory in syria and iraq and attract around sixteen thousand recruits from around the globe all while absorbing u. s. led airstrikes has put it squarely in the center of the jihadist war with the west