FIRST AIRED: May 22, 2017

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>> Chinese media have praised reports that CIA sources were killed by Beijing after the New York Times said the anti-spy effort saw up to 20 people dead or imprisoned between 2010 and 2012. On Monday, Chinese foreign ministry declined to comment. However, earlier in the day, an editorial in the state run Global Times had nothing but applause.
It's a strongly nationalist news outlet that called the story a victory, but it denied one detail in the story, that a CIA source was shot dead in public. Reuters Ben Blanchard reports from Beijing.>> The Global Times almost certainly does not have any inside information about this. Presumably, the Global Times decided that perhaps this particular detail was something that maybe might have made China look bad or didn't respect human rights or something like that.
So it really solves their interest to come up and say no, no, this isn't the kind of thing that China would do.>> The CIA saw stories be widely discussed in China since it was published even though the New York Times website is blocked in the country. While the story may have been a shocking exclusive in the US, in China it's had a positive reception.
>> There is a lot of discussion about this on Chinese social media particularly on Webo, which is China's version of Twitter. So that in itself is interesting, there is no censorship here as to the contents of the news report, probably because China actually comes out looking very good in this report, the fact that China actually found these spies and killed them.
>> According to the Times report, the anti-espionage effort dismantled a US spy network years in the making. The CIA has declined to comment on the story but the Times says it has been struggling to rebuild its spy network there for years since the operation.