FIRST AIRED: May 11, 2017

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>> A first time presidential phone call for the leaders of South Korea and China on Thursday. Moon Jae-in hashing out some big topics with Xi Jinping. Mostly over North Korea, the same subject that took up most of a phone call between Moon and Donald Trump a day before.
Part of that conversation, THAAD, the US anti-missile system positioned outside of Seoul. China loathes the fact that that has been set up on its doorstep and Moon isn't much of a fan either. Although as Reuters' Ju-min Park reports, it's not clear if he would actually scrap it.>> Moon has been saying, if North Korea makes further provocations.
A THAAD deployment should go ahead but also he keeps saying the process that US and South Korea brought in THAAD was not fair and so hasty so he wants to review it. If the South Korean parliament says no to the deployment of THAAD or South Korean public objects to it.
It's not really clear what Moon can do to the THAAD system that has been already delivered to the South Korea, and is ready to be operational from earlier this year.>> It's a delicate balancing act for Moon. On one hand, he needs to think about his country's allegiance with the US, which packs THAAD who wants to get tough with North Korea.
On the other, China shares its skepticism over the missile system and has been showing that by finding ways to squeezing South Korea economically as a protest against it.>> South Korea has long been some kind of political football between United States and China because South Korea needs to get along with both countries in terms of diplomatic and economic affairs.
Beijing is South Korea its biggest trading partner but also Washington is South Korea's biggest ally in the region.>> At his swearing in this week, Moon promised to work quickly to find common ground over the Korean crisis, he even said he'd go to Pyongyang quote if the conditions are right.