FIRST AIRED: May 20, 2017

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>> Do so in full.>> While special counsel Robert Mueller conducts a criminal probe into the Trump campaign's ties to Russia. A top Democrat tells Reuters that the Senate will delve into Presidents Trumps financial ties to Moscow.>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where I just sat down with Senator Ron Wyden.
Who's as the center of two of this towns hottest issues, tax reform and Russia probe. Wyden has used his power as a senator to block one of the Trump administration's Treasury Department appointees in a bid to get them to surrender certain financial documents. He says that uncovering any business dealings Trump may have had with Russians will be his chief focus in the months ahead.
>> I'm particularly concerned about looking at Shell Corporations and at money laundering and property transfers. But the key is for the two efforts, what we're doing on the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Bob Mueller investigation. That they be complementary and I think with cooperation it can be.>> The Senate Intelligence Committee does most of it's work behind close doors.
But Wyden aiming for as many public hearing as possible.>> That is an absolute prerequisite to our carrying out our responsibilities. I said, the most important thing that needs to be done is to get Jim Comey up in front of the intelligence committee in an open hearing.>> Also saying he's going to continue to press former national security adviser Michael Flynn who is refusing to cooperate with the probe.
>> I'm gonna go to the mat to have this subpoena and the obligations associated with it be met.>> Wyden is a key player in tax reform. He's written his own bipartisan plans in the past and he says the current system is badly in need of an overhaul.
But he is not optimistic about working with the Trump administration on this front.>> What we have now on offer from the administration, a one page proposal. Which means than it's shorter than some of the drug store receipts I have, doesn't give us virtually any thing to work with.
>> Without Democrats like Wyden on board, Trump's chances of success here grow longer. The drama of the past few weeks slowing momentum. Further evidence that the Russia cloud is overshadowing Trump's broader agenda.